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Self Arisen Art

Hi dear ones,  In this video I show you some beautiful ink forms created by accidentally spilling ink on my sink. When something spontaneous like this happens, you can enjoy contemplating how it develops as you rest your mind in the present...

Kopan Course and Lam Rim Retreat

This year I did my second Kopan course, it seems incredible that the first one was 13 years ago! It was like coming back home, I had so many memories of the 4 months I spent in retreat here. Kopan is a beautiful Tibetan monastery built on a hill in Nepal, which offers...

Earthquake in Mexico: how can we help?

I woke up this morning and found my iPhone full of messages from my family and friends, first I began to see some photos of disasters and then I saw a building collapsed in the center of the city where I grew up, in that moment I realized that something horrible had...

Shamatha Course and Retreat

Recently I taught a course on Shamatha meditation at Yamantaka FPMT center in Bogotá, Colombia. Shamatha means calm-abiding and attentional training through meditation. At the end of several weeks of teaching and practice, we had a meditation retreat to put all the...

What projects are worthwhile?

Have you ever felt motivated to do a project that at the time seemed very significant, or get involved in a job or activity that would be of much benefit to others? But as you started to develop it, you started to face the obstacles that come with any type of business...

Cultivating a brave compassion

Friends, here's a great video of Ven. Robina Courtin in which she teaches us how to cultivate a brave compassion. The translation into Spanish was carried out by me during her teaching cycle in Bogotá. Enjoy it and if you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them....


Our motivation is what determines whether our meditation practice is a superficial patch to relieve some stress and relax us, or if it is a deeper practice that can lead us to completely free ourselves from dissatisfaction, pain, fear and discover genuine happiness....

Meditation will change your life

These practices present a direct path that leads to the realization of our deepest nature and the potentials of our consciousness.

Genuine Happiness

Happiness arises when one leads an ethical life, helping others to be happy and cultivating kindness and compassion.

Mindfulness & Shamatha

Shamatha meditation is known as the cultivation of calm and concentration. Mindfulness is remembering our object of meditation and paying attention to our actions of body, speech and mind.


This is cultivated not with the intellect but through an analysis of reality to understand how we exist in relation to everything that surrounds us.